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2017 Late Harvest



Following a unique wine style that David Lucas learned while Heather was consulting in Northern Italy, this "straw wine" is crafted by hand harvesting Zinfandel grape clusters and laying them out to bask in the warm fall sunlight which slowly increases their sugar content. 

Winemaker's Notes

A crisp, sunny Fall filled with spectacular sunsets, and most importantly, NO RAIN is required to make this wine. Since the clusters are lying outside sunning themselves, rain would spoil the grapes!
For approximately three weeks, we turn each cluster every other day (someone has to do it!) until the berries are in perfect traditional condition to begin a slow fermentation. The berries we are seeking look like half-filled water balloons with dimples similar to a golf ball. These are the ones that are packed with flavor; sunlight has concentrated the
berries color, flavors and bouquet.
Each bunch is then hand selected and evaluated and we remove any raisins or imperfect berries from the best bunches. This is a natural desert wine; we do not fortify with alcohol or add sugar. The remaining sweetness is achieved when the yeast stops converting the grape sugar into alcohol. It is a challenging winemaking process. Fermentation may take up to two years! We do not attempt to make this wine every year, due to the whims of Mother Nature.

Tasting Notes

Enjoy this wine with milk chocolate based desserts lower in cocoa
content or just sip some in front of a fireplace or outdoor fire pit.
2017 Late Harvest